More Outlets Does Not Equal a Better Story…

Are Apartment Content Marketers just being noisy?

…People do.

This is a simple unscientific case for passionate apartment marketing (professional or otherwise) content producers [Read: conduits]…

I picked the following quote off of a blog some time ago and pasted it into a file for future posting. Now, after a few search engine attempts, I can’t find the author of it so if it’s yours – please claim it and I will give you the due credit.

There seems to be a curious thing happening – the more outlets for stories we get… the less and less we’re hiring writers, content strategists, editors, designers. It’s like the second spawning of “reality programming”- no need for writers … it’s real life.

It’s a very interesting dilemma that we find ourselves facing in the apartment marketing space; do we go it alone in an amateur more reality based way or do we go pro? It’s not a simple answer but a necessary question to consider. And, the reasons run concurrent with trends in the way we influence, are influenced, how we consume and how we distribute information as a society.

The Niche is Coming Into its Own

With the absolute proliferation of platforms that host and syndicate blog content along with the opportunities to narrow our focus by creating lists and circles on the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and the king of the them all Facebook, we all have a niche to serve in some way.

Niches are not a new concept but they themselves are new to the likes of being served information in a passionate and pointed way. And, in mass from marketers, friends and acquaintances. And, thus the need for a professional or an amateur but passionate writer…

The Simple Case For 

Apartment MarketingI am very much a visual person so I took the time to draw this out on a piece of paper. While visual, I am clearly not artistic so feel free to toss fruit from the front row…

Be it you advocate professional content producer/managers or the Sunday driver version; I think you would agree that you need a guru…[term used very loosely – in fact I hate that word – let’s go with…] someone who knows what they are doing.

I have been reading the book: Grouped by Paul Adams the Global Brand Experience Manager at Facebook. You might recognize my pic as an adaptation from the book. He makes a much deeper case for what I am trying to loosely convey in this post so buy his book – it’s a goodie. (The link is not tied to an affiliate account).

As we further fragment based on interests and or outright fatigue, the ability to connect via influencers (seemingly more a myth than realistic) is waning and or presenting itself as more of a fallacy. Small groups connected by someone who cares and someone who knows what they are doing will be the way to continue on with the conversation. Continue down the current path or seek the alternative and we’re just creating noise for ourselves. And, as the number of outlets increase, we have to ask ourselves are we just being noisy in more places? Instead, be a conduit and bring together the small groups that will move business in the future.

See that person in the middle of my pic – for the theory to work, that person must know (intimately) someone in each of the four outcroppings. The way this works is that this person is the conduit of/for information (influence) to flow between the outcroppings or small niche groups. Without the conduit, the potential potency of this group is never realized. They will never have the chance to know one another because they will have no real reason to do so.

The job of that someone who knows what they are doing and cares enough to do it is to bring the groups together in a way that is appealing to the individual members. He/she gives them a reason to believe. A reason to be merry. And, a reason to be intimate with one another. Intimate in a way that moves business forward.


As I flesh this concept out in real life experiments – I’ll be sure to post updates.

Your – interested in interest graphs – multifamily maniac,




Apartment Marketing: glancee vs. highlight

Hi all

Rarely do I do two posts in a day but I could not pass this one up.

I think it goes without saying that the proliferation of platforms that draw us more and more near the people that we want to touch in some way is just crazy. And, that trend is forever taken to new heights this time of year when the famed SXSW technology and music conference in Austin, Texas kicks off. This is the conference where tech and musician startups jockey their way to internet and main stage stardom. Remaining on the tech side of things, it was in ’07 – that Twitter was the darling of the event. And, in ’09 it was Foursquare that stole the show.

Over the weekend, I caught a piece written by Robert Scoble about two companies that, by his early estimations, are the show stoppers for ’12. glancee and highlight are two to watch. The detailed piece on the two companies is over at TNW.

Marketing Apartments with glancee Using highlight to market apartments

Apartment Marketing

A couple weeks ago I wrote a piece on the future of apartment interest graph marketing where I talked about IGs becoming the route to deep and meaningful relationships that lead to more fruitful business.

glancee and highlight speak to right to that vision. Scoble describes the two services like this;

So why will these two apps be so hot at SXSW? Well, when you’re walking down Sixth Street in Austin, new names will pop up on Highlight. You can see their titles. Their hometown. Their interests, er, Facebook likes, and how many they have in common with you. Where they are. Which friends you have in common on Facebook. Then you can message them with something like “I noticed you like the Next Web, I’d like to meet you, can we do that?” I’ve done this dozens of times walking around San Francisco and it hasn’t failed yet to get a meeting.

Apartment Marketing Gone Creepy

I will admit there is a creepy factor at play here. There is something innately weird about these kinds of services. And, in the same respect, maybe not. We do sign up to participate, right? We throw creepy out the door by opting in. That said, it might turn out to be a very cool way to speak to people who have similar interest to you and more important – your community.

It makes finding that community personality that I mention in the interest graph piece even more important.

I mean, can you imagine strolling in front of a downtown apartment community  only to have our team give you a shout out as it relates to your love the Saint Louis Rams? (The community in the link above sits right in front of the Edwards Jones Dome where the Rams play) I know, I know – it’s hard to believe anyone would care about the Rams. But, if you did and we were able to strike up a conversation that ultimately lands you in our office then we both win. If the creation of that bond is crazy compelling – it will be shared.

So much flying through my mind on this one – would love to hear your thoughts if you get a minute today. Hit me up in the comments.

The world of marketing is shifting once again and Interest Graphs are  – well – interesting.

Your always interested in the interesting multifamily maniac,


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