Worry About Meaning

I am going to ‘start’ a new quick hitter series (ongoing until I get ready for something new) called – Notes from the margin.

I love books – the old spare a few trees, feels good in the hand, smells good in the nose and write in the margin type books. That is where the material for this series will come from.

If I am reading and feel compelled enough to jot something in the margin – I will share it here. Maybe we get some discussion going – maybe we don’t – let’s give it a shot.

Worry About Meaning

Comes to us from The Icarus Deception – Seth Godin

Apartment Meaning

Building Meaning on your Blog

Our world has quickly morphed into a quest for meaning or has it always been that way? Maybe we are just now taking hold of the philosophy and giving it the press it deserves.

That being said Seth, in his truly infinite wisdom guides us on the authentic creation of meaning when crafting a blog.

For those of you that have thought about starting a blog for your property or about the industry in general or for those who have taken the plunge these principles will be very helpful.

Have an amazing Friday!!! M