Excellence in Multifamily

They let out the proverbial – f-this….

I write about excellence from time to time on this blog. Not so much as to wear out the term but enough to remind you that excellence is something to strive for in the multifamily space. And in your life.

Now let me clarify, I think excellence is near impossible to actually meet. At least if we take a strict interpretation of the word.

The reality is that striving for excellence is where it’s at. Always pushing. Always looking for ways to improve. More efficient. More caring. More awesome. More compelling. More #gameon

Excellence as a Way of Life

Striving for excellence is what makes you stand out when compared to the next guy/gal. By way of example; striving for excellence is the guy/gal that takes my post from yesterday and runs with it.

It’s that leasing consultant, assistant manager, maintenance tech or porter that gets ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired.’ They let out the proverbial – f-this; I want a better set of circumstances to come my way.

They build a hockey stick angle of awesomeness right at the end of the rut they dug for themselves and proclaim: #gamethe-f-on. It’s #timetoshine. #theworldwillknowmyname


You know what they realize in that moment? They realize that motivation is an inside job. It’s not the boss that rocks them into action. It’s not mum, dad, auntie or grandma. It’s THEM.

They realize – if I’m going to get ahead in the multifamily world; I have to strive for excellence. I have to give mediocrity a root canal and replace it with a gang of platinum plated strive for excellence.

Simple Call to Action (CTA)

It’s time to shine – get off your butt and #rocktheworld

Your #gameon Multifamily Maniac,


We Charge $125 to Tour an Apartment

Truth is we really do not charge $125 to tour an apartment. But what if we did it?

I wrote a piece earlier this year that ended with the question – what if you charged for touring an apartment? What would you do differently?

You’re not really thinking about charging for an apartment tour but wondering what we would do different if we did Multifamily Maniac,


Website Theme

I think we’ve all made the observation that Google does a good job of theming their website. Be it a holiday or a historic point in time – Google will theme its search engine logo. It is true fun and elicits emotion.

Is there a multifamily application of this that make sense?

Your, questioning themes, Multifamily Maniac,


Who are You Trying to Please?

Marketing apartments involves every touchpoint from curb to commode.

Apartment marketing types – who is it that you are trying to please? The target? The customer? Your owner? Your boss? The apartment marketing award of the year panel?

Marketing apartments is an all on, all in and all the time business. It involves every touch point from curb to commode. Additionally, it involves every key player from the porter to the president. And everybody must understand who they are trying to please. Make the point crystal clear.

Who is it?

Your leaving it up to you to define Multifamily Manic,


Multifamily Marketing on Trial

OMG – I could get canned for this moments, then do us all a favor and stay in bed this morning.

Multifamily Marketing on Trial2013 is not the year to protect your posterior. It’s not the year to crawl in a hole hoping that all this massive and swift moving change will just pass you by. It’s not the year to play it safe. Don’t be a politician. Don’t get stalled by this party or that party or this ideology or that ideology.

On Trial

Be that guy or gal that politely listens to all the noise – filtering always. Be that guy or gal that acts when the silence comes. Acknowledge the conversation but run in the opposite direction of the crowd.

That idea you’ve harbored for the past 2 months, 4 months, year or 15 years (that’s me) – go for it. Try it. Don’t ask for permission. If the stresses of other people pump your heat instead the OMG – I could get canned for this moments, then do us all a favor and stay in bed this morning.

Cheating Two People

When you are not conducting trials you are cheating two people: 1. You are cheating me out of being exposed to something that might change my life. 2. You cheat you out of being a better you. It’s #gameon time.

Your never want to cheat myself out of being a better me multifamily manic,


Apartment Podcasting Marketing

“For corporate marketers, podcasting is low-hanging fruit.” – Paul Gillin

Low Hanging Fruit

Caught this video over at businessgrow where Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner throws down his 18 to 24 month content marketing prediction. It’s an interesting thought and one that I am trying to wrap my head around as it relates to marketing apartments. His thought comes in near the end of the four-minute vid:

Your wondering about apartment podcast marketing multifamily manic,



Love: Be the Difference that Makes a Difference

You will always be the second best anyone else. – Leo Buscaglia

Apartment LoveLeo, in his book titled: Love, tells an amazing story as it relates to having love for oneself. I intend to give you the very much paraphrased version. He takes you on a visual journey back to grade school. He has you remember the anticipation you held in your little heart and mind over the art teacher coming around to your classroom. It was that time where you got to put down the lead and pick up the oily Crayola. It was time to put method, pragmatism, social order and conformity to rest so as to wake up the wild and the crazy. It was time to do the thing you love. Or, so you thought….

I Don’t Love Your Tree

His story picks up in description of the art teacher drawing a simple tree on the chalk board and instructing the class to follow suit by replicating it on the blank sheet of paper in front of them. Two lines mirrored just inches apart and headed for the top of the page. Lines that lend themselves to branches. And, a line that mimics a camel hump repeated in a circular motion starting on the right and finding itself up and around nearing the top of the page and back down to a point where it intersects with the vertical line on the left. Boom – it’s a tree. Yes – you did it. You and everyone else except for Junior.

You quite presumably know where this is going. Yes – Leo inserts ‘that guy/gal’ into the story. He calls him Junior. And, Junior produces a tree with the love and care that Michael Angelo gave in creating some of the finest art the world has ever seen. The love that a kid gives to choosing his yellow, green, orange and magenta with overtones of red and shades of grey, black and just enough brown. The love that creates the freakiest most awesome and over the top tree that art teacher, the class and the world at large has ever seen. That love that gets shunned, booed, kicked and yeah butted right out of the room. The love that gets you remarks like – I don’t love your tree…

Please Conform

Conformity kicks the teeth right out of love. It asks a maintenance technician to master electricity when plumbing is his first love. It’s asks our best maintenance supervisor to lead the troops to the top of the mountain and into war when tinkering and solving mechanical problems is his first love. It asks our best leasing people to master accounting when servicing people is his/her first love. It’s telling someone who the best way to do something is the way that you do it. Or the way the company does it. Or the way your dad used to do it. It’s the continued ripping of life right out of people the same way it was ripped out of Junior.

Punch Line

Starting today – Don’t give up your tree…

Have a non-conforming weekend,

Your, never giving up my tree, multifamily manic,


Apartment Marketing: Real or Just Great Storytelling?

In all fairness, I have not taken the time to view an episode of the show Ghost Adventures . In face I just learned about it this past Thursday when Mary Korte of Mills Neighborhood Blog fame wrote it. It immediately got me thinking about the topic of storytelling, the following quote being the real catalyst;

Zak, Nick, and Aaron go to some of the scariest places to try and get answers and information about the people who used to inhabit the spaces.  These guys aren’t your average investigators.  They are not afraid to go places where other paranormal investigators refuse to tread.  From apparitions to demons, these guys find it all!

Real or Just Great Storytelling

First, let’s give Zak, Nick and Aaron props for profitting on one of the most fundamental emotions that makes the world go around – fear. It’s well know that we are motivated by the pursuit of pleasure or the quest to avoid pain and fear plays a major roll in that. Can we profit off the back of fear like these three and all associated with their show have so brilliantly done?

Let’s face it, we humans have been scarying the hell out of each other from the beginning of time. You read about it in every kind of fiction and non-fiction. You hear the folktales and hear the creepy stories while sitting around the campfires we stoke up with every single passing summer. It’s just plain fun. Persoanlly speaking, I get a real charge out of scaring my kids into a frenzy through stories and outright hide and seek styled shockfests. And, they love it too. Ok, after they get over the initial reactions. But, do they belive it? Na – they just think I am a fun dad. And, good chance they will carry on the tradition with their kids.

Lesson for Apartment Marketing? 

Is there a chance we could sell more apartments by scaring the wits out of the people that walk in our front doors? Not likely, but we may be able to calm the fears they have of renting a new home. Espcically, those that have been burned in the past by bad service, bad attitudes and bad storytelling.

Everything is marketing and storytelling is the vehicle that moves people to action.

What is our lesson? Glean what you can from Zak, Nick and Aaron in the way of storytelling. Make their tactics and strategies your own. Add a dose of personality. Entertain the people that choose to live in your apartment communities. Consider your office the theater, your desk, tour route and display apartment the stage and you are the main character. Act accordingly and tell some mind blowing stories.

Game on –

Your – beliving not in ghosts but rather the power of storytelling – multifamily maniac,