Solve for Lonely

And that does not mean they need to attend our pool party or resident function.

Roughly 20% of the of the total American population suffers from some form of loneliness. Some healthy percentage of that number live in apartment communities. As we all know, property managers wear many hats. And one of those hats runs akin to the various professional counseling services.

Solve for Lonely

  • Say hello to people
  • Smile when you see them
  • Wave
  • Wave from afar and yell their name out
  • Make random monthly calls to people – just because
  • Drop by someones apartment unexpectedly
  • Pull out their social data – likes, dislikes, what they collect, what they like to do in their spare time.
  • Don’t wait until renewal time to give them the free prize inside
  • Don’t settle on typical renewal concessions, carpet cleaning, or fixture updating
  • Make people feel like a million bucks
  • Go for something people will talk about –

How do you get to that last point?

By exercising all the points before it. If you learn through conversation that Charles likes music – drop him a random iTunes gift card – just because. If Mike loves Starbucks – drop him a gift card out of the blue (My friend Michael Cunningham did in fact send me such a gift). I thought that was pretty darn cool and I still talk about it.

People Need a Push

People are lonely and in the same respect they need a push. And that does not mean they need to attend our pool party or resident function. Sometimes that just means saying hello, smiling or dropping by. Sometimes it means a small token gift card.

Multifamily Monday: Collect Moments not Things

Stop giving residents things, i.e. money, carpet cleans, accent walls or whole new paint jobs.

Looking forward to another crazy over the top uber-cool week? Me too. This week we are penning on the idea of collecting moments.

Let’s start with a story to set the context for our post. I was recently remarried to my first and only wife – Stephanie. It’s a long story and this is not a post to garnish congrats and atta boys. It’s an amazing story and one I will cherish. Cherish in the sense of what being in relationship really means. It’s work that is worth it and it is work that is hard. I cherish it for all that it has taught me and all that it will teach me. And, my encouragement to you – embrace the ones that are near and dear in your life. Go make some moments.

Collect Moments not Things

Stephanie and I would rather collect moments any day of the week. Faced with the choice of buying our kids toys, gadgets or the latest and greatest widget or taking them on an amazing adventure in a foreign country – #gameon foreign country. Faced with sitting around playing games inside or building a fort in the woods behind our house – #gameon fort (or, fourt as our kids so aptly name it and wrote is with a sharpie no less). Play some Wii or go to a water park – #gameon water park. Sit around on a Saturday or volunteer some time at a dog shelter – #gameon dog shelter. (Okay, for those of you that know me – animals are not my thing. But, Stephanie, J and K love them and they give back time for them). To us – our kids education comes down to activity that sparks emotion, creativity, need to be resourceful, collaborating and giving back in the way of time and energy.  And, creating moments for the such.

Resident Moments not Things

What the heck does this have to do with my Multifamily Monday? Everything! It has everything to do with it.

Stop giving residents things, i.e. money, carpet cleans, accent walls or whole new paint jobs. Ok, give those things if you want to but make a moment out of it. Make a moment of truth. Make a moment of celebration. Make a moment worth sharing.

Here is my short speculation. Get enough crazy good resident moments collected and they will pay back in two ways: 1. if you have a bad moment – the good will offset. 2. When it comes time to renew (another chance to create a moment) – they are locked in and thirsty for some more moments. Your job – feed the thirst by creating the moments.

Your collecting moments not things multifamily maniac,


Apartment Marketing: Paying Rent is a Social Act

Paying the rent should be a social experience….

Apartment Electronic Check

Update: 4.30.12 – Social gifting, the new buzzword in e-commerce

I wrote about an idea along these lines sometime ago and Wrapp just might be the early way to get it done.

Original Article

Ran across Pepsi’s Social Vending Machine Story while I was in the process of purging some old files and it got me thinking about ways that we could make paying rent an even more social experience.

Is it reasonable to think that Facebook, Twitter, G+ or even resident portals could be robust enough to allow payments by third parties unassociated with lease contracts and the such?

Following the concept of Pepsi  creating a the experience of sending free sodas to friends; could you see the same thing apply to rent payments? If my buddy knows that I have fallen on hard times and wants to help; could he go to our website, log in without disclosing his identity [at least to me] and pay my rent? Or, a portion?

It already happens in the analog world. Or not, if leases are written such that you can not take third party payments [not smart in my opinion]. In the former case, parent’s pay their student’s rent via various payment methods. A process, at least at Mills Properties, that is usually administered by our onsite teams. Can we make it DIY for third parties with technology? Do you employ such a service today? Tell us about it.

Your looking to make paying the rent a more social experience multifamily maniac,