Reverse Apartment Reviews

We’ll be posting our Reverse Apartment Reviews [on our website].

Suffice it to say reviews are a two-way street. The Internet and Social Media enables the critic in all of us. We give ratings and reviews to food, coffee, authors along with goods and services across all industry. Nothing is immune. That is except the customer. That is until now.

Australian based Art Series Hotel Group is reviewing guests. Yes! You read it clearly. From their website:

We’ll be posting our Reverse Reviews [on our website] and finally revealing what goes on behind closed doors.


Can you see it? Recall that recent move out. You know the one where the carpet has a perfect circle cut out in the living room area that served as fire pit. The ceiling that accommodated knives, forks, spoons and oil dip sticks. Yes – shoved in for decoration. Or, the one with the living room walls painted with life-sized psychedelic Alice in Wonderland landscape and characters – a true work of art. Or, the one with 20 years worth of collected newspapers stacked neatly from floor to ceiling covering nearly every square inch of the apartment to include the bathtub and kitchen sink.

How about posting these masterpieces for all to see – names included?

Playing the Game

Art Series Hotel’s Reverse Reviews is a game.

A promotion to fill hotel rooms.

A very cool promotion if you ask me.

Your sometimes wishing we could post reverse reviews Multifamily Maniac,


Place I Live

Could this be the crazy cool cousin to Walk Score?

Place I Live could become yet another measure of community attractiveness.

In the same respect, it could be the bane of a community. If the Place I Live is not Tony, Hip or Cool then I will trade at a discount. Maybe more than I wished for.

In any event, we are marching toward relevancy being a key driver to the success of your business. Walk Scores, Place I Live and Your Network will matter more than Ratings and Reviews.

Your constantly thinking about the NOW and how it impacts the THEN Multifamily Maniac,



Orgin of Multifamily Reviews

Ever wonder why someone feels compelled or thinks enough to leave a review about your Apartment Community?

It’s Not Your Advertising – That’s For Sure

– It’s the curb
– It’s the commode
– It’s everything in between

– It’s how nice your leasing consultant is
– It’s how nice the Assistant Manager is
– It’s how nice the Manager is

Equally if not more important…

– It’s how nice the grounds keeper is
– It’s how nice the technician is
– It’s how nice the maintenance supervisor is

Try doing some nice this week without expecting anything (reviews) in return.

Your believing that just being nice is the origin for reviews Multifamily Maniac,


The Renter’s Voice

I am still a firm believer that apartment management companies can build and equal if not better mouse trap right on there own website.

Update: TRV responded to my questions via email and agreed to let me post them here. 

Checking out The Renter’s Voice this morning.

Bullet point thoughts thus far:

1. Listings powered by an ILS – does that mean you have to do business with the ILS, Ellis or Renter’s Voice? If so, bunk.

TRV: No you don’t, many of the listings will begin with the robust content from a large content source – – so helps jump start a positive review platform.   

2. I see zero activity thus far so hard to form an opinion about it. Even the listings in the side bar on the left seem plugged. When you click on them and go to the actual review page, it is void of the aforementioned review.

TRV: It will take time to build the reviews as with any web presence.

3. Not sure how managers can/will respond or participate (see point number 1)

TRV: Joanna Ellis is working with the PMC companies on building this review site for our industry.   It is an open forum for renters to share experiences about apartment living.  Over time, there will be other opportunities to use reviews for marketing in the apartment space! 

Build Your Own Mouse Trap

I am still a firm believer that apartment management companies can build and equal if not better mouse trap right on there own website.

Ratings and reviews are a driver of business – no doubt. But, not if you have to pay to participate.

Your always wondering about the definition of advertising partner multifamily maniac,


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