Starbucks: Beginning of the End

Is it the beggining of the end for Starbucks?

Starbucks Front DoorIt’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. I could tell you all the reasons why but none are really relevant to today’s thought.


I am sitting at Starbucks this early evening busting out email and reading material I can never seem to get to at the office. As many of you know Starbucks is my absolute favorite brand/place in the world. And believe it or not, it’s not just about the coffee to me. It’s equally if not more about the place/space it offers me to be, think and produce. But today – I’m disappointed.

When I walked in I noticed months and months of debris built up along the curb lines in the parking lot. I also noticed the landscape is in need of pruning. I noticed the dust on the windows and doors is thick and peppered with bird poop. I noticed the address is sun-baked and wasting away and the number of decals and signage is overwhelming. The VP in me wanted to grab the Regional and Property Manager for an immediate property walk. I felt myself literally getting angry in the how-could-you-let-it-get-this-bad sort of way. It screams – I don’t care in a harsh way. Worse yet, it screams – you’re-going-to-buy-coffee-here-even-if-we-don’t-focus-on-the-small-stuff.

It doesn’t stop at the door. When I look up I see dropped decorative ceiling tiles and light fixtures that are full of dust. The window coverings are frayed on the sides and bottoms and the ledges are dusty. And to top it off, there is a bug hanging out on the window seal.

This is not the Starbucks I have come to love over the years. In fact, I feel sad. Sad to think that I give time, money and loyalty to this organization in exchange for a remarkable experience.

Is this the beginning of the end for Starbucks? I hope not.

Striking Realization

It strikes me that I am the exact customer that Starbucks needs, wants and desires. I’m a semi-over-the-top advocate for the brand. I once gave major grief to one of  my Area Managers for bringing a Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee to our weekly 1:1 meeting. I have posted hundreds of personal pics that include a siren mug in the foreground on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and the like. I take Starbucks on vacation when I know I’ll be a good distance from a store. I only buy Starbucks coffee to brew at home. And the list goes on.

It also strikes me that I am exact customer that Starbucks doesn’t want to set adrift. This post is evidence of that.

All that in mind – Starbucks take this a my fair plea. Please get back to the level of quality every customer would demand and expect from the best place in the world. Please.

Your Details Matter Apartment Hacker,


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Something about Starbucks that Bugs Me

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Starbucks. They see it on Instagram and on Facebook when I post pictures of my siren cup in random settings. They know that it’s my favorite place to get work done. They know that it’s one of my favorite place to have a real meaningful meeting. And they know that it’s my favorite place to get coffee.

But there is one thing that really bugs me about the place. This living room of sorts that they call the third place has a flaw. The flaw is incredibly overt and potentially often overlooked. Is likely meaningless to a lot of people but it really bugs me.

The Starbucks Flaw

I see the people who work at Starbucks as being on a stage. They are actors. As actors they are on 100% of the time. Starbucks designs the stage with which they act out the day’s experience. But there is a flaw.

Whenever a barista talks about her latest birth control measure not working, it demonstrates a complete indifference to the customer.

When another talks about how pissed he is at his roommate for never flushing the toilet, it demonstrates complete indifference to the customer.

When still another talks about how rude a particular customer was during the morning rush, it shows a complete indifference to the customer.

As a customer I want to know that my barista has a genuine interest in creating a consistent experience for me. One that is not full of randomness and indifference.

You’re wishing that Starbucks would fix that flaw Multifamily Maniac,