Apartment Hall of Fame Pics – Capacitor

Just a quick post for this Wednesday – Hump Day. Melted Capacitor

Mills Properties – Heatherton Estates Maintenance Supervisor had this picture sent to me recently and I could not help but to think that I need to start a hall of fame of sorts. This pic blows me away. I guess it should not surprise me with temps sitting consistently North of 100 degrees this summer. Nevertheless – it’s just nuts.

Hope the rest of your week is a good one. And, if you have pics you want to share, I would be more than happy to tap out some text and highlight you and your community.

Just send them to mbrewerx@gmail.com

Your stunned multifamily manic,




WOW – Words of Wonder

Words of wonder are what we are after today. Words that you want people expressing as they experience your service and or the apartment living experience that you provide. Words that are tip of tongue for everyone. Words that have a deeply innate need to come flying out of people’s mouths when they are WOW’d. Words that give meaning to what you are trying to accomplish.

Words like:











What kind of WOW are you going for?

Here is a quick story to sum up what you are going after. A little boy enters a jetway for the first time. He is standing between his mother and father holding the hand of each. As they enter, he glances up in the direction of each – his eyes now as big as saucers. You can literally feel the build in his being. As he nears the door of the plane – he can hardly control himself. His body is beginning to quiver with excitement. When it is his turn to enter – he let’s loose of mom and dad, jumps across the threshold into the body of the plane and freezes. He then takes one look to the right toward the seating and another to the left toward the cockpit. He leaps around in one motion – looks up at his parents and belts out a – WOW!

Do you create reasons for WOW?

Your – going for the WOWs – multifamily maniac,